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Politics Briefing newsletter: The dawn of the United Conservative Party of Alberta; the citizenship Examination of Canada gets a draft rewrite

24 Jul 17
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Rachel Notley’s NDP government is facing a new threat in Alberta. Wildrose and Progressive Conservative party members voted overwhelmingly in favour of a merger between both parties, developing a consolidated right-of-centre force. The merger was given by both parties . Both parties will meet to pick an interim leader for their caucus, today. Three months later, on Oct. 28, the new party will choose the leader that will take them to the 2019 election. The NDP won 41 percent of the vote. The merger provides Alberta a of returning to power, but the road might be bumpy for the latest celebration of Alberta. Wildrose members are tired PCs, while conservatives are wary of the Wildrose’s factions.

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Among G7 countries, Canada comes last when it comes to protecting its territory and fresh waters, in accordance with . As it stands, we lagging behind where we will need to be if we would like to satisfy with the commitment we made to double the size of areas that are protected by 2020. nbsp;

An overhaul of this nation’s citizenship examination could include questions about Canadians’ duties to respect treaties with Indigenous Peoples, pay taxes, and complete the census. A Removes controversial references to “barbaric cultural practices” introduced by the last Conservative government. It refers to duties of citizenship, like engaging in the political process; and obligations that include obeying the law, respecting the rights of others, paying taxes, and respecting treaties.

Lisa Raitt is currently the second-highest ranking MP from the Conservative caucus. The deputy leader is a feminist, but says she will not be running around talking about her feminism. “. I believe it’s about our policies,” Ms. Raitt told The Globe’s Laura Stone. Instead, Ms. Raitt would like to encourage qualified women to run for office. “I am hoping what girls see is they can see themselves in me, and the understanding that I understand what they are going through,” she said.

B.C.’s new NDP government liquified natural gas, regardless of the party’s previous criticisms of the Liberals’ approach to the business. Former Liberal premier Christy Clark made wipe of the debt, promising to foster and LNG a priority. But revenues have yet to materialize and one project was given final approval. Government spokesperson Jen Holmwood says the state will guarantee any LNG project protects the environment and respects First Nations’ concerns. Adam Olsen of the Greens, whose party is currently supporting the NDP via a power-sharing arrangement, says the Greens remain skeptical.

And 50 years ago now French president Charles de Gaulle cried “Vive le Québec libre” from a balcony in Montreal’s city hall. The words sent shockwaves reverberating throughout the centennial through Canada’s political landscape. Fifty decades and two referendums afterwards, Quebec remains a part of the federation but Gen. de Gaulle’s rough kind of diplomacy is creating a .

On a Muslim cemetery in Quebec: “If you’re not free to trust, and that necessarily comprises the freedom to talk about your own personal and communal sense of the sacred in a respectful manner, then you’re not free whatsoever. At best, you’re licensed to act. You are granted permission to act. You’re permitted, whether by the state or by the limits where your fellow citizens will inflict blunt-force democratic injury, to be what others say you can be.”

On Canada’s chemical weapons heritage: “Canada’s change from a country compared to weapons of mass destruction, then almost overnight into an integral user and manufacturer, and then back again, is a lesson in just how fast we can leave our most closely held principles when we don’t firmly protect them in legislation. In a moment when nerve and mustard gases are once more killing people in the hands of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, we should take this lesson to heart”

On Trudeau marching in pride parades: “Broad expressions of support from politicians and companies matter a wonderful amount to people that aren’t yet incorporated into a tight-knit queer community, and they subject to closeted children that are watching and reading about Pride from a distance, absent the support of this community. It’s an excellent thing for these kids to understand that their banks, hardware stores, coffee shops, internet providers and, yes, their leaders, have a public stance in favor of the rights.”


When negotiators meet next month, among the most hotly-contested Of dialogue will be Chapter 11 of this trilateral trade deal, which deals with investment. From being discriminated against by authorities in the jurisdictions in the dispute settlement mechanism is a frequent characteristic in trade and investment deals throughout the world and is intended to protect companies. The Trudeau Liberals are being urged to reform the supply or eliminate it.

The Republican Party was synonymous with free trade until U.S. President Donald Trump’s upending of the principal procedure. In Missouri and Kansas, 56 percent of voters cast their ballots. But many did so because of them, not despite his virulent views. The Adrian Morrow of the Globe discovered that in Trump country’s heart, Canada has from the NAFTA fight.


The research into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin is entering a As researchers interview key witnesses under oath and enlarge their scrutiny of U.S. President Donald Trump and his aides. Mr. Trump’s son-in-law and senior advisor Jared Kushner will testify behind closed doors before Congress today. .

Mr. Trump is also facing pressure from Congress on a different Russia-related issue. Legislators intend to vote this week on a bill with bipartisan support that would impose strict limitations on Mr. Trump’s ability to ease sanctions on Russia, a rebuke to the President’s stated goal of improving relations with Moscow.

Following the country authorities passed a protests are dispersing around Poland That give control of the courts to it. The bills propose to induce the resignation of Supreme Court judges, in addition to providing government-appointed members a near-veto power on the body that approves judicial candidates. The European Union has warned Poland that its rights In the event the Supreme Court law is passed.

“In Central Europe … Ukraine is kind of our Syria. The only distinction is nationalists] won’t blow up themselves, but they’re training in the forests with army rifles. This is what’s happening — and we do not know what they are preparing for,” researchers in a Slovak security think tank advised. Following members of the nation’s largest organization murdered in Sweden in January a centre for asylum seekers, prosecutors discovered that the folks behind the plot had been to train.

The most recent attempt at a ceasefire in Syria crumbled on Sunday, when Syrian government warplanes completed six airstrikes on cities east of the capital Damascus. The day before, the army had announced a “” in the region.

San Antonio police say they’re exploring a “human trafficking offense” after eight people were discovered dead at a tractor-trailer at a Wal-Mart parking lot on Sunday. After suffocating within the trailer that was sweltering twenty others were found in condition , and temperatures reaching nbsp;38 Celsius. San Antonio police are calling the incident a “horrific instance of immigrant smuggling.”

And New York Times photojournalist Meridith Kohut Months of violent protests in Venezuela. The photographs showcase the barbarous, yet occasionally creative, methods that protesters and security forces alike are using to defend themselves.

On Trump’s new director of communications: “Mr. Scaramucci is in his new article not because he’ll provide superior counsel or elevated tactical skills. He’s not in because he will handle a media gallery that is manic. Or form a stronger, more coherent defence of Mr. Trump’s agenda. He’s in because he’ll fight without competition or question and without stop or quarrel. He’ll fight dirty and he’ll fight. He’ll use his feet and his hands and his teeth and his elbows and the sharpest thing he could find. Best of all, He’ll fight on control. “

On Turkey, a year after the coup: “Turkey’s internal political wars are now threatening this future. The aftermath of the coup attempt might have been healing. It has been divisive. It’s still not too late to take another route — but time is running out”

On Poland’s right-wing change: “Poland might be known in the West as the success story of post-communist transition, but it is nbsp; the country with the greatest proportion of employees on precarious contracts in Europe, where families often can’t afford to cover housing or basic living expenses. For the last ten years, in power and resistance, PiS ( the ruling nationalist Law and Justice Party) was propagating the idea that the post-1989 liberal democracy is untrue.”

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