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Internet prices to fall as BT is ordered to cut costs

31 Mar 17
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Regulators ordered Openreach to cut the prices it charges rivals to use its network

Regulators ordered Openreach to cut the prices it charges rivals to use its network

Millions could see their broadband bills slashed by £30 a year after regulators ordered Openreach to cut the prices it charges rivals to use its poles and cables.

Ofcom wants to lower the bills that firms such as TalkTalk and Vodafone have to pay the UK’s broadband infrastructure operator for lines with super-fast download speeds.

It will see the price that Openreach – presently owned by BT, though earlier this month it was announced they would split – charges competitors to use their lines falling from £88.80 per year per home to £52.77 a year in 2020-21.

Ofcom wants the cost saving passed on the customers.

It could see bills for 2.5m households cut by more than £30 a year. 

Ofcom also wants Openreach to complete 93 per cent of repairs within one or two working days of being notified, compared with 80 per cent today.


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Canadian soldiers helping in Mosul combat as vision expanded to June

31 Mar 17
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Canadian special forces took an even more productive position inside the struggle for Mosul, wherever days of soft fighting have did not dislodge the Islamic State-Of Iraq as well as the Levant.

National Defense exposed the move on Friday because the Generous government declared it had been increasing the existing quest in Iraq before the end-of August.

The desire is the fact that the struggle for Mosul will soon be around at the same time, of which level the federal government could have an improved handle around the longterm desires in Iraq and change Canada’s share as expected.

“We has to be willing to conform to the changing makeup of the clash,” Defense Minister Harjit Sajjan mentioned in a record.

“With these components at heart, Europe can proceed to utilize coalition partners to spot requirements also to examine exactly how we could best add Canadian features to dismantle and finally conquer Daesh” — an Arabic phrase for ISIL.

For the time being, a number of the almost 200 Canadian particular causes in north Iraq have inserted east Mosul and so are currently supporting the Iraqi navy free the western half town.

That shows an important move because the Canadians had mainly eliminated Mosul and used very little time with all the Iraqi navy, functioning rather with Kurdish forces for the north and east.

Officers state that function remains, with different Canadian troops determining and following ISIL activity along Iraq’s boundary with Syria.

Support chief Gen. Jonathan Vance explained despite entering Mosul, Canadian troops proceed to work behind the frontlines as well as in a supporting position.

“Due to new developments inside the global plan, Canadian specific operations causes factors are actually informing and helping Iraqi security forces inside the campaign to clear Mosul of Daesh,” he explained.

“While the landscape and associates have enhanced, the requirement of coaching, informing, helping, and furnishing stays unchanged.”

The existing quest, introduced a year ago, observed the Generous government withdraw Canadian fighter planes from your U.S.-directed bombing campaign against ISIL, but double how many specific causes in northern Iraq.

Additionally it included a helicopter detachment to move and resupply these troops along with A50-individual intellect product, and retained two security airplanes plus a refuelling plane in your community.

The quest was set-to terminate on Friday.

The struggle for Mosul is anticipated to consider many more days, if-not months, as Iraqi forces take part in soft residence-to-house fighting to press the extremist party from your country’s minute-biggest metropolis.

Military commanders have informed that success in Mosul won’t mark the conclusion of ISIL in Iraq, because so many assume it to reject mainstream military fighting in preference of fear strategies like suicide bombings and IEDs.

Which will demand diverse coaching and help from your global area, which up to now continues to be mainly dedicated to supporting Iraqi and Kurdish forces struggle ISIL being a typical military power.

Additionally, there are worries about Iraq’s political potential, with many possible issues bubbling just under the floor because the danger presented by ISIL is apparently diminishing.

These contain competitive territorial states involving the Kurds in northern Iraq as well as the key government in Baghdad, and longstanding categories involving the country’s Sunni and Shia communities.

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Mosul civilians bold cold, water while they flee fighting with Islamic State (Reuters)

Sky is giving its mobile customers a new phone every year

30 Mar 17
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  • Sky mobile customers can pick a brand new phone every 12 or 24 months
  • There are no admin, upgrade or delivery fees with the new ‘Swap’ scheme
  • It joins Tesco and O2 in offering more transparent mobile phone contracts
  • Critics say the cost of Sky’s mobile deals are higher than the industry average

Sky mobile customers can now get a brand new mobile phone every year through its newly-launched scheme, Swap.

It has been created to give customers more flexibility and they will be able to choose whether they receive a new phone every 12 or 24 months.

Sky says the scheme is the first of its kind but critics say rival providers, such as Tesco Mobile and O2, are offering more flexible contracts.

Sky Mobile customers can pick a brand new mobile phone every 12 or 24 months

Sky Mobile customers can pick a brand new mobile phone every 12 or 24 months

Sky says it’s ‘shaking up the mobile market’ with its new flexible mobile contracts and the offer of a new phone.

In order to get a new phone, customers sign up to either a 24 or 30-month contract and they will then be able to pick a new handset after 12 or 24 months, depending on the term of their contract.

To get the handset, they will need to fill in details about their existing model and send this back before the new phone is sent out.

For those customers who want to keep their old model, the price of the contract will be reduced so they are just paying for the data, calls and texts used and not the handset.

Choose a phone and when to swap it, in a year with Swap12 (24-month contract) or in two years with Swap24 (30-month contract). 

The new scheme is all part of Sky’s plan to make paying for a mobile phone more flexible and transparent.

It launched its mobile service in December, which runs on the O2 network, and prices start from £10 per month for 1GB of data. 

Stephen van Rooyen, UK and Ireland chief executive, said: ‘Our mission to shake up the mobile market continues. Customers told us they want an affordable way to have the phone they want, when they want – so that’s exactly what we are doing. 

‘This means no more paying for expensive upgrade fees or long waits to get the latest models. Customers are already loving the flexibility and great value of Sky Mobile and we expect Swap to make this the most compelling offer in the market.’

Telecoms experts have praised the move from Sky as a way to open up the mobile market and give more choice and value for money to customers.

However they have said the offering from Sky is not as flexible as rivals Tesco Mobile and O2 are selling.

These two providers allow customers to buy completely separate phone and allowance contracts whereas the deal from Sky effectively still locks customers into a 12 or 24-month contract paying one fee for both the phone and the allowance.

Ernest Doku, telecoms expert at, says: ‘The annual smartphone release bonanza from handset providers has fuelled the appetite among mobile users to upgrade at the earliest opportunity.

‘Sky Mobile’s Swap tariff is a response to this shift in mobile buying habits among consumers – and arrives in a timely fashion ahead of this year’s major handset releases.

Sky says it is shaking up the market and making it more transparent and flexible for customers

Sky says it is shaking up the market and making it more transparent and flexible for customers

‘This move sees Sky joining the ranks of suppliers lending more flexibility and freedom to the traditional contract, ending unnecessary charges on phones already paid off – although we’ll have to wait until they launch to see how they genuinely stack up against the competition.

‘That being said, the requirement to upgrade at either 12 or 24 months rather than at any time is more rigid than the split tariffs offered by the likes of Tesco Mobile and O2. 

‘Of the new tariffs, the Swap24 – which is the first to tie users in for up to 30 months – seems like a somewhat restrictive way for it to justify bringing costs down.

‘It is worth noting that pay monthly customers could save more money by switching to a SIM-only deal at the end of their standard contract, and teaming it with their existing handset.’

While John Whittle, CEO of, commented: ‘Sky Swap is making steps towards offering a fairer deal to customers by providing the option to upgrade without fees, but customers will, of course, be locked into Sky’s network which currently offers a high cost of airtime versus the market.

‘For example, 1GB costs £10 against 4GB for £9 with Three. Our mission is to take this flexibility even further by providing choice across networks, as well as the latest handsets.’  

The launch from Sky follows on from research earlier this month showing that a quarter of all mobile phone customers have never switched their provider, even though they could make savings of £176 by doing so.

The research from comparison website uSwitch revealed that 69 per cent, of the people it asked, hadn’t switched in the past three years with many saying switching was too confusing in the current system.

Just under half of those asked knew what a Porting Authorisation Code was – the code needed if you want to keep the same phone number when you switch providers – while a third of consumers didn’t know it was possible to switch and keep the same number.  

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Former Hollinger attorneys prosecute Law Society of Upper Canada

30 Mar 17
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Former Torys LLP attorneys Beth DeMerchant and Darren Sukonick are suing Regulations Society of Upper Canada for problems totalling $22-trillion, claiming the regulatory body was destructive in its justice of these over alleged problems inside their benefit Hollinger Inc. over 15 years back.

Ms. DeMerchant and Mr. Sukonick experienced a long Legislation Community reading between 2010 and 2012, but were vindicated in a 2013 judgment that ignored six matters of supposed struggle of awareness against them. These were arrested of behaving in a clash of fascination while informing Conrad Black’s Hollinger party around the selling of magazine attributes between 2000 and 2003.

Regulations Community appealed your choice for the Law Community Tribunal Appeal Section, which ignored the charm in 2015. In January, 2017, the charm section improved the expenses given for the two attorneys from the whole of $500,000 to $1.3-trillion to address their legal expenses.

The attorneys, both of whom have since outdated, registered case this week unlawful Community, seeking basic and specific problems of $21-million and additional annoyed and psychological damages of $1-thousand.

The suit claims Regulations Community realized it didn’t have ample data to prosecute the couple after performing a study, but forced onward in-part as a result of as a result of public complaint the firm hadn’t encouraged any attorneys over dubious Hollinger company purchases.

The attorneys also state there is “no trustworthy data on problems essential to your conflict-of-awareness prosecution” introduced at their reading, which Regulations Community “simply had no proof its conflict-of-awareness allegations.”

In addition, it complains a record given from the Law Community as a result of its damage in case in 2013 was defamatory as it meant these were, infact, accountable which the tribunal judgment was inappropriate. Inside the assertion, the regulator mentioned it had been unhappy from the selection plus it had begun the actions after “a complete investigation” into worries a few violation of the principles of professional conduct.

Law Society spokeswoman Susan Tonkin explained the corporation simply acquired the suit on Thursday and is researching it. It’s not yet registered its support in case.

The original judgment as well as the charm judgment in case determined the justice was guaranteed, nevertheless the circumstance needs to have been reassessed and shut-down early following the lawyers’ expert witnesses provided proof the Law Community couldn’t oppose.

Surfaces have generally decided that defendants in appropriate actions can’t prosecute regulatory systems and tribunals for defending them in good-faith, even though the justice doesn’t succeed as well as the accused are eliminated. However, many circumstances have prevailed if you have proof disregard or wrongdoing by prosecutors.

The Supreme Court of Canada decided in 2004, as an example, the Barreau du Québec, which manages attorneys because state, did not work properly in a disciplinary event for decades despite several issues of a lawyer. The very best judge mentioned the “virtually full lack of the persistence needed inside the situation” came to “gross neglect and significant negligence.”

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Some families have turned in desperation to fundraising websites such as JustGiving to ask friends, family and even strangers to help with the exorbitant costs.

One fundraiser is currently trying to raise £1,400 so that a loved one can visit the U.S. However, there is another, little-known lifeline they can use. Money Mail found that Eileen could get cover for just £134 with specialist firm Insurancewith.

Fiona Macrae, who set it up in 2007 after struggling to get travel cover following her own cancer diagnosis, says it can offer lower prices because it uses a more sophisticated medical screening system.

This gives it a clearer picture of a customer’s health, meaning the insurer has a better idea of the risk involved, and can, in many cases, lower the price. 

Major retailers are slowly cottoning on, with Boots now using the same ‘Protectif’ screening system to assess its own travel insurance customers.

Cancer charity Macmillan wants other insurers to adopt similar practices. Duleep Allirajah, head of policy at Macmillan, says: ‘We hear all too often of the problems people have accessing travel insurance, even when their doctor has advised they can travel, they are in remission or have had the all-clear.

‘Being asked for sensitive medical information again and again, only to get a very high premium or be told you’re ‘uncoverable’ can be distressing for someone trying to regain a sense of normality.

Fight: After two operations three-months  of chemotherapy, Eillen is in remission

Fight: After two operations three-months of chemotherapy, Eillen is in remission

‘We want insurers to make their products fairer and more transparent for those who’ve had a cancer diagnosis.’

One in two people will be diagnosed with cancer during their life, according to Cancer Research. 

But medical advancements mean that more people are living with the disease for longer. Many are able to return to work and live a relatively normal life — and want to go on holiday.

Former gym instructor Eileen was diagnosed with bowel cancer, which had spread to her liver and lungs, in May 2015. After two operations and a gruelling three-month course of chemotherapy, she is now in remission.

And, aside from a scan every three months to check the cancer hasn’t returned, she has no more treatment planned.

Eileen, who lives with her husband Nigel in Formby, on Merseyside, says: ‘I’d expected to pay a little more for insurance, but never dreamed it would be so problematic. 

A week of innumerable phone and online applications was the most soul-destroying thing I’d had to go through for some time.

Ms Macrae, from Insurancewith, says many insurers fail to ask the right questions. ‘Instead of asking what condition a customer has, we first ask what medication they are taking, as this tells far more about a customer’s health,’ she says.

‘We’re looking for stability. So, if someone is having three-monthly scans, we’re looking for no sign of significant tumour growth. Or if they are on medication, that any side-effects are under control.

‘We ask customers lots more questions, too, because the more information we have, the better we can tailor prices to that person’s individual risk, rather than just err on the side of caution.’

On top of this, the insurer works closely with doctors and charities to keep up-to-date on any breakthroughs in treatment.

By contrast, the majority of price comparison sites and insurers use a system called Healix, which is faster but asks fewer questions. Lara Suttie, of Healix, says: ‘We ask a series of simply worded questions that customers can understand and answer confidently.

‘In a dream world, our doctors and nurses would love to ask lots of complex and technical questions, but then customers wouldn’t be able to answer them without a report from the GP or specialist.’

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Trudeau and case carry on budget advertising trip

29 Mar 17
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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is in Winnipeg and Saskatoon today to get a post-budget advertising trip. Their ministers may also be dispersed across Europe, from Vancouver to southern Ontario.

On Canada and China: two of Canada’s former criminal-organization heads say an wouldbe extremely tough to indicator, offered human rights considerations with all the Chinese government; as well as the Trudeau government’s of the Montreal engineering organization to your Chinese business despite national safety warnings might embolden Asian expenditure, authorities claim.

of A third of sessions to become created by the national case stay bare, in accordance with a.

The Liberal government may well not undertake accessibility-to-data change another election.

And Lynn Beyak’s peers inside the Senate proceed from what to produce of her responses about residential colleges.

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U.S. Leader Donald Trump has licensed a of Barak-time in a attempt to place coal miners back again to function. Obviously, the shift claims the U.S. has manufactured in the international attempts to overcome climatechange and applies strain on. Moreover, several disagree that Mr. Trump’s purchase can do little to slow the that stymied need for coal. What’s specific, however, is the fact that Mr. Trump’s programs can on Mr. Trudeau’s weather goal.

Only days when they yanked the National Medical Care Work, Republicans declared they’ve to repeal and change Obamacare. The trail forward, nevertheless, as both moderates and the ones around the farright generated the bill’s.

Is it @realDonaldTrump or perhaps the genuine Donaldtrump? Through machine-learning, a fresh is wanting to when Mr. Trump herself is interacting for the planet, 140 heroes at any given time.

And Hillary Clinton is technically “,” talking to hundreds in the Qualified Women’s Enterprise Convention in San Francisco Bay Area. Without mentioning Mr.Trump by brand, she the supervision repeatedly on sets from healthcare for the lack of girls appointees in prime Whitehouse opportunities.


do you realize it is possible to discuss data with World writers with far more safety and privacy than standard means? about SecureDrop and secured connection


British Prime Minister Theresa May has technically to begin with the method to getting Great Britain out from the Eu. Talks about the annals of the partnership.


“When business obstacles are dropping, when folks are arriving at our shores when expenditure is growing, Canadians thrive. The flipside is the fact that giving an answer to challenging fiscal moments by rotating inward seldom works. What knowledge shows is the fact that the concerns of visibility are dropped. Protectionism doesn’t advertise progress and its particular charges are steep.” Lender of Europe Governor


: “It’s a session that expanding financial connections with China don’t always produce Westerners convenient with Beijing’s politics – or any measure that produces them feel just like they’re eating its techniques. Sydney had arranged a totally free-business handle China, but Australians couldn’t absorb a handle its justice process. Mr. Trudeau must retain that at heart. He’s consented to keep exploratory discussions over a Europe-China extradition agreement, nevertheless the major package for his government sets in another pair of shares over a freetrade agreement.”

: “Unfortunately, nonetheless, Mr. Trudeau doesn’t use his items of outreach from what Ottawa sorely wants – a newfound admiration for your democratic process. Rather, with conditions including his excellent work with Senate change, he’s become progressively trapped in extreme partisanship. Rather than improving the democratic wish, he looks bent on wanting to adjust it.”

: “So, is that this the long run: a consistent drop into obscurity for users of Parliament while they give attention to keeping from difficulty? Parliamentary change — the push-to offer backbenchers more important tasks — constantly is apparently coming, nonetheless it is difficult to observe defining board seats will probably drastically modify the functioning existence of the participant inside the capital.”

: “[Trump’s] want to reopen NAFTA isn’t always anything to become anticipated. Maybe it’s a rare chance for Ottawa to eliminate longstanding business problems with Oregon while obtaining an improved package for Canadians.” (for subscribers)

: “Waterways and woods poisoned by mining waste can not be amazingly repaired. Electricity plants offered new permit to spit out toxins and CO2 can not be scrubbed up swiftly or effortlessly in the event the principles are tightened up again. Pets that go extinct if Trump dilutes the Endangered Species Act won’t become unextinct in the event the work is restored.” (for subscribers)

: “Make no oversight, the Trump administration’s rampage contrary to the setting provides an existential danger for the whole earth. But we CAn’t quit trust that individuals could still prevent one of the most extreme areas of weather change.”

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Europe dispatches staff to Brussels to examine danger of notebooks on planes

28 Mar 17
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Transport Minister Marc Garneau has directed ATEAM of officers to Brussels to examine intelligence data before choosing whether Europe must demand people traveling from some Middle-Eastern places to pack all huge gadgets besides cellphones inside their checked luggage.

The Usa and England have decided that only cellphones and smartphones will soon be authorized inside the individual cabin of routes to the U.S. and England from the amount of Islamic-bulk places.

U.S. Homeland Secretary John Kelly offered intellect to Mr. Garneau in a phone conversation on March 20 following the U.S. forbidden notebooks on individual airplane returning from 10 airports in nine places.

Canadian safety organizations and Move Canada examined the intellect and so are currently seeking further clarification.

“My officers come in Brussels to wait conferences using a key band of companions and professionals around the dilemma of forbidden technology inside the cottage of airplane. We’re cautiously examining data of issue with associates,” Mr. Garneau mentioned in a record.

No facts have already been offered on why the U.S. and Britain became frightened about notebooks on individual airplanes, nonetheless it was noted by that intellect demonstrated Islamic Condition is having a blast concealed in portable technology.

Mr. Garneau guaranteed Canadians that their protection shouldn’t be described as a issue currently.

“We have inplace increased and focused safety actions for routes headed to Europe in airports and places around the globe. That is typical training, and such actions come in influence on virtually every country, including South America, Japan and Africa,” he explained. “Our government remains cautious in continually examining our safety actions and can not wait to consider further activity when needed.”

U.S. officials have told Reuters the data derived from the U.S. commando raid in Jan in Yemen that focused alqaeda inside the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) involved blast-generating practices.

AQAP, situated in Yemen, has plotted to take-down U.S. airliners and said responsibility for your 2015 strike around the workplace of Charlie Hebdo magazine in London.

The party claimed responsibility to get a Dec. 25, 2009, unsuccessful effort by way of a Nigerian Islamist to down an airliner over Detroit. These devices, concealed inside the underwear of the person, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, did not detonate.

The U.S. bar affects routes from airfields in Jordan, Kuwait, Egypt, Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Qatar and United Arab Emirates. About 50 routes per day will soon be afflicted, allon overseas providers.

Britain’s bar relates to domestic and overseas routes via Bulgaria, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia.

Of the seven airlines afflicted with the U.S. bar, nine present primary avenues to Europe, through both Toronto’s Pearson International Airport or Montreal’s Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport Terminal.

If Europe were to follow along with the same bar, on the list of avenues damaged could possibly be Turkish Airlines routes from Istanbul to Montreal, Royal Jordanian Airlines routes between Amman and Montreal and Qatar Airways routes between Doha and Montreal.

Angela Gittens, directorgeneral of airport organization ACI Planet, compared the go on to the decades-extended constraints of drinks on airplanes, which she mentioned likewise emerged instantly, in a reaction to a perceived danger, and triggered some trouble.

Airlines can conform to the technology coverage, she said. “The first day or two of something such as this can be challenging, but just-as with all the drinks bar, it’ll begin to form itself out.”

U.S. officials said your choice had nothing regarding Leader Mark Trump’s attempts to demand a vacation bar on six bulk-Muslim places. Homeland Security spokeswoman Gillian Christensen mentioned the federal government “did not target certain places. We counted upon assessed intellect to ascertain which airports were affected.”

On March 6, Leader Trump closed a modified government order barring residents from Iran, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen from visiting the USA for ninety days. Two national judges have ceased elements of the bar, declaring it discriminates against Muslims. Mr. Trump has promised to lure up-to the Supreme Court if required.

The principles do connect with U.S. residents traveling on these routes, however, not to crewmembers on these overseas providers. Homeland Security enables people to utilize greater accepted medical units.

With records from Reuters

Liberals desire to stand weed bill before remarkable time

27 Mar 17
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The Generous government is looking to present legislation to legalize and manage the selling of weed the following month,. The Liberals desire to possess a statement out before April 20 — or, as weed fans call it,.

Canada says it’s no objective to follow deeper connections to China without creating a significant element of proposal. A weekend looked at promises of individuals who claim these were tortured from the Chinese government.

Treasury Board President Scott Brison says reforms for the accessibility-to-data legislation have as a result of privacy considerations.

Users of Parliament for weight parties reveal to the why they’ve been preventing the Liberals’ offered parliamentary reforms. “If our rights are shed, it’s not merely the state weight or perhaps the third-party, it’s many of US. … We’re working very strongly,” NDP MP David Christopherson explained.

Development Minister Navdeep Bains is still Justin Trudeau’s cabinet minister.

The Belgian location of Wallonia is threatening to put up up the Europe-EU deal package from getting into power.

As Well As The key of McGill University suggests Andrew Potter was to stepdown from an instructional career in the faculty after creating articles critical of Quebec. “It isn’t a task to induce, but to market excellent conversation,” Suzanne Fortier explained.

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“We will have a way to quickly repeal and change Obamacare.” significantly less than 100 nights into Brian Trump’s presidency, Republicans have already been treated an important hit. Trumpcare (or Ryancare) is useless, for the present time as well as the has initiated. Nevertheless the problem remains:

The Wallstreet Green Peak can perform number to Setting Minister Catherine McKenna in Newyork nowadays, where she’ll Canada’s green-energy market to buyers. On Tuesday, Mr. Trump is anticipated to signal an executive order which will undo former leader Barack Obama’s.

Mr. Trump has been doing workplace for almost 70 times today. On 21 of the nights he’s visited one-of his or her own attributes, in accordance with a Washington Post.

And dropped amid the disarray in Oregon on Friday, Democrats the “Making Accessibility Files Offered To Guide National Government Visibility Work,” aka the MARALAGO Work.


Leader Trump has mentioned howmuch he wants Monk News’ insurance — and so the used 18 hours right observing the route and making time for exactly what they said.


: “The nittygritty information on the processes of Parliament are vision-glazingly dull, thus a lot of people really correctly dismiss them all the moment. But that is one situation when Canadians must keep watch. The Generous government has signalled they wish to modify the principles, substantially, swiftly, and perchance minus the agreement of one other governmental functions Inside Your Home of Commons.”

: “As the Federal Government goes to replace voting privileges to Canadians living offshore, it will likewise regain another essential birthright by enabling foreign born descendants of Canadians have been themselves delivered outside our region to begin with living with Canadian citizenship.”

: “Canada’s pleased history of authority in atomic-arms control attempts makes its distribution to U.S. obstructionism specially egregious.”

: “Like you, I’m reading all-the core reports of what went wrong. By their dynamics, these reports give attention to stories about who mentioned what when. But make no oversight: this is failing of coverage and legal strategy—things that have been allowed to be Ryan’s specific sauce—not of strategies. Even though Leader Trump were the master negotiator he promises to become, he likely couldn’t have stored it.”

: “Failing to create agreement. Hurrying through resulting policy arguments without sufficient expression. Violence people that have genuine arguments. Decreasing members’ power to provide helpful changes. And breaking a key plan offer following the first signal of genuine adversity.This is what Paul Ryan calls guiding?”

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Trudeau joins Traditional Independence Day celebration in Montreal (The Canadian Click)

New childcare scheme starts soon, will it work for you?

25 Mar 17
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Families struggling with soaring childcare bills are pinning their hopes on the imminent expansion of Government support to improve their plight.

At the end of next month a new tax-free scheme promising savings of up to £2,000 a year will be introduced that aims to get parents back to work – and for the first time help the self-employed.

Then from September, many three and four-year-olds will be entitled to 30 hours of free childcare, double the current 15 hours, which the Government says will save families around £5,000 a year.

Support: Victor and Nadia Ganov will try to find a place for Theodore (case study below)

Support: Victor and Nadia Ganov will try to find a place for Theodore (case study below)

But many parents might as well dream of a magical Mary Poppins landing on their doorstep as see their bills fall. Critics say these two programmes will in reality fail to dent the costs that are already rising faster than inflation.

They believe the help is too little and the availability of the free extra hours will prove elusive for many.

Fees for a part-time place exceed £6,000 a year on average and £8,000 in London, according to new figures from the Family & Childcare Trust, with nannies commanding at least double these sums.

Experts warn that even if parents see care costs fall, many will simply face higher charges for extras, ranging from nappies, food and additional hours given by providers on top of the statutory provision.

Victoria Flint, from the Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years, says: ‘It is crazy as the funding level promised is not enough to cover the cost of high-quality childcare.’

She warns that some childminders and nurseries are likely to put up the cost for other nursery users who fall out of the age limits.

’30 free hours will be a big help for our son Theodore’ 

Nadia Ganov is hoping that the 30 hours of free childcare will allow her and her husband to work when son Theodore turns three next year.

Nadia, 25, from East London, is a pharmacist and is studying medicine and her husband, 27-year-old Victor, works in logistics. She says: ‘At the moment, we have to take it in turns to work. Childcare is too expensive so one of us always stays with him.

‘If we can find a place for him with 30 hours free it will make a huge difference.’

Family & Childcare Trust deputy chief executive Ellen Broomé says: ‘The Government must closely monitor the roll-out of the 30-hour offer and tax-free childcare to make sure that all children can access good services.’

Other critics warn many families will not be able to find a provider that offers the additional hours. Rachel Carrell, head of nannyshare service Koru Kids, says: ‘Tax-free childcare and 30 free hours make for good headlines, but the reality is that tax-free childcare will not make a big difference to the cost for many families, and the 30 hours of free childcare won’t actually be offered by many nurseries.’

Nanny care is eligible for the tax-free arrangement but not the free hours scheme.

Sally Russell, a museum worker from Surrey, is battling to find a 30-hour place for her two-year-old son. She had hoped that Matthew would join her four-year-old daughter Jessica at the nursery attached to her primary school.

But the nursery has said that it cannot afford to offer the free places without Sally, who is a single parent, paying an additional £20 top-up for an extra hour a day.

Sally, 34, says: ‘I am really struggling to find anywhere who will accept the 30 hours without also charging a top-up. I can’t find a single childminder who accepts the funding as they cannot afford to provide the care for £4.16 per hour.’


The 30 hours of free care is only available to families in England, though there will be a pilot scheme in Wales. The hours, which can be split across a maximum of two providers, will be available where both parents work at least 16 hours a week and earn less than £100,000 each, or single working parents who work 16 hours or more.

Children are eligible for the extra hours from the age of three, and those outside the criteria continue to be eligible for 15 state-funded hours a week. Parents can check eligibility and sign up for more details at There is currently no directory of providers offering the free hours.


Tax-free childcare is a type of savings scheme that will be topped up by the Government at a rate of 20p for every £1 paid in. This will be rolled out late next month initially to the under-twos but by the end of the year it will be open to all children under 12 (under 17 if disabled). The scheme is designed to replace employers’ childcare vouchers.

The launch was delayed by two years due to a legal dispute with the companies providing vouchers. The well-established voucher programme allows parents to meet bills out of their pre-tax income, saving tax and National Insurance for employer and employee. Anyone already using vouchers will be able to keep taking them if they prefer, as long as their employer continues to offer them, until their child is 15 (16 if disabled).

In some cases families will be better off remaining on the voucher scheme, but this will depend on income and how many children they have. For example, a basic rate taxpayer couple with childcare bills of £400 can choose to buy £200 of vouchers each. They will receive £4,800 worth of vouchers over a year but a cost to them of just £3,264 – a saving of £1,536 a year in tax and National Insurance.

If the same couple were to put £3,264 into the new tax-free savings account, it would be topped up by 20 per cent – a £653 bonus, meaning that they would end up with just over £3,900. This couple would be £900 a year better off with childcare vouchers.

The ABC of childcare… and how it is set to change 


Fifteen free hours a week during term times for all three and four-year-olds, irrespective of parents’ income. Available at school nurseries, private nurseries or registered childminders. Parents can choose to take the hours over a number of days, and can divide them between two providers.

Some two-year-olds are eligible if parents claim certain benefits, including Income Support, or the child has a statement of Special Educational Needs. Complete a form through your provider.

Childcare vouchers. These are available to employees in organisations offering the scheme whose children are under 15 (16 if disabled). Parents sacrifice some salary in return for the vouchers. Neither the parents nor the employer pays tax or National Insurance on the vouchers. The maximum a basic-rate taxpayer can take in vouchers is £243 a month. Sign up through an employer or ask them to set up a scheme. Parents can sign up for vouchers until April 2018 and continue to order them after that. Vouchers can affect eligibility for tax credits, so check first.


Tax-free childcare. Parents open a special account where the Government pays 20p of every £1 of your childcare costs, up to £2,000 a year per child (£4,000 if disabled). The money can be used to pay providers registered with education regulator Ofsted, including nannies, so long as they have signed up to the scheme too. Those eligible are families with children under 12 with parents who work, each earning at least £115 a week and not more than £100,000 each per year. This includes the self-employed. Families with children under two will be invited to join first but all eligible families should be able to enrol by the end of 2017. Those signing up could have all their tax credit payments terminated, so it is vital to understand the implications first. If circumstances change parents can switch back from tax-free childcare to tax credits. Sign up for updates at


Thirty free hours for three and four year olds in England. Three and four-year-old children of most working parents will be eligible for 30 free hours of childcare a week during school terms (38 weeks). To claim 30 hours both parents must be working, or a single parent must be working. Each parent must earn a weekly minimum equivalent to 16 hours at National Minimum Wage or National Living Wage – £111 and £115 for someone over 25, and must earn less than £100,000 each. Parents who are carers or disabled and unable to work are also eligible as are those on maternity, paternity or adoption leave. Pre-register at the childcarechoices website.


Courtesy: Daily Mail Online