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Energy firms to come clean about cheaper rivals

04 Jul 17
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Proposals: Energy firms may be forced to inform their customers about rivals' deals

Proposals: Energy firms may be forced to inform their customers about rivals’ deals

Energy suppliers could be forced to write to customers to let them know about rivals’ cheaper deals.

Under plans, customers who have been stuck on an expensive standard variable tariff for at least one year will receive a letter from their supplier alerting them to better offers.

Energy regulator Ofgem said a trial is already under way involving two suppliers. 

It faced a backlash against its original proposal to create a national customer database that would let rival firms write to customers with better deals, raising fears they’d be deluged with junk mail.

Under the new scheme, people would receive just one letter from their own supplier or Ofgem. 

The regulator is also trialling its own online switching service. 

Customers who have been on the same standard variable tariff for several years will be sent a letter from their supplier encouraging them to use Ofgem’s online deal-checker.

Ofgem is also abandoning plans to force price comparison sites to show every deal on the market. 

Instead, they only need to show deals on their main webpage that customers can actually switch to directly through their website.

Ofgem says this is because customers were being deterred from switching if they could see cheap deals on these sites that they could not then move to with the click of a button.



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More Capital were raised by conservatives but spent to do it

04 Jul 17
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The federal party increased a thousand more dollars than the Liberals but spent twice as far as the party in order.

Annual financial reports released today show the Conservatives increased $18.25 million in 82,662 donors in 2016, while the Liberals pulled in $17.18 million in 82,285 donors.

The records also show, however, the Conservatives spent $6.85 million on fundraising activities, compared to the Liberals’ $3.1 million.

The federal New Democrats were a distant third, pulling in $5.39 million in 26,754 individuals and spending $315,000 to do so.

The Conservative fundraising totals for 2016 do not account for the money raised by candidates in the leadership race which was underway for a lot of last year; at 2016, $3.9 million was raised.

Overall, the Liberals spent $18.58 million in 2016, the Conservatives $21.98 million and the NDP $8.3 million. The Tories also brought about $1.57 million in membership fees in 2016, down from $1.9 million the year before.

However, the Liberals saw a drop as a result of the conclusion of membership fees for that party, in that revenue stream — final year, in 2015, they earned more than $ 2 million in membership revenue, but just $ 655,000.

A spokesperson for the party said a banner year, they believe 2016.

“(It) emphasizes how Canada’s Liberal movement is seeing continued success in closing the gap with the Conservative party after their 10 years in power, and is continuing to consistently outraise the NDP,” Braeden Caley said in an email.

The Liberals have come under fire in recent months for so-called “cash-for-access” fundraisers, with the opposition parties alleging their fundraising events are turned into lobbying opportunities for the highest bidders.

The Liberals made changes that they charged to create their fundraisers transparent, and introduced legislation to tighten the rules about reporting funding.

“Canadians expect our political leaders to satisfy the highest standards for transparency and openness, and that is why we are hard Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives and the NDP’s leadership candidates to do the right thing and bring their fundraising events out into the open,” Caley said.

“To this day they continue to refuse to do so.”

The Conservatives have said that they follow rules all about who gets access to the decision-makers in 21, and the issue is.

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